a (a_clean_escape) wrote in applied_liberty,

No Fly List includes babies and Peter Johnsons


I'm conflicted on this issue. Well, I guess I'm just more pissed off, like if there was a business that discriminated against certain races. Where is the common sense in not removing children under ONE from the no-fly-list?! When thousands of people share the same name, how can you justly ban all people for the POTENTIAL terrorism of one? In addition, I would like to know what the no-fly-list makers smoked to believe that terrorists try to purchase a plane tickets under their own name.

How would you libertarians feel about this issue if you were about to board a plane when you are calmly informed that you may not fly on a plane? Ever? Are you just happy that the loss of a few people's vacations/family-visits benefited the majority or people or are you pissed that you've lost your dignity and resources due to something beyond your control?
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