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I drag this out from time to time for those who have never seen it. 'Splains it pretty well as how I see it.

DC :)


A Libertarian Social Contract,
by Gene Trosper

I believe in tolerance.

That means I will tolerate your lifestyle so long as it remains peaceful
and non-coercive to others. You can wear funny clothing, sport strange
hairstyles, smoke whatever you wish, make love the way you want, worship
in your own way ... it's your life to lead as you choose. Although I may
not agree with some of your habits and choices, you still have the right
to be you!

I believe in privacy.

That means I won't be peeking over your fence, staring through your
windows, sorting through your trash or asking neighbors about your
private life. I respect you as an autonomous individual capable of
making your own decisions without the unsolicited "help" of myself or
others (Of course, I'm always glad to help and offer advice if you ask
though!). You won't find me trying to pry into your privacy.

I do not covet what is yours.

What you earn and own is yours, not mine. I do not want to expropriate
your hard-earned dollars for the benefit of myself, my family, my
neighbors or total strangers. You, your money and property are safe
around me. I will not steal -- and I will not ask the government to tax
you for any reason. In fact, you will likely find me asking the
government to give you (and everyone else) a break at tax time!

As a libertarian, this is my contract with you! All I simply ask is that
you allow me the equal freedom to live my life unfettered. Once we
agree, the basis of a more peaceful and abundant society will have been

Gene Trosper is an LP activist and writer living in California.
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