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Why do People Fall in Love with Their Own Oppression?

Why do People Fall in Love with Their Own Oppression?

-----A Possible Explanation

When we talk about the concept of "mind-control", we usually regard it as an infirm psychological phenomenon. But I think mind-control is not infirm, as many people thought was.

People may know that many C-h-i-n-e-s-e people in C-h-i-n-a uphold despotism. You may say this is the result of the propaganda of the Authority. But why do many C-h-i-n-e-s-e living in western countries still uphold despotism, where they have the chance to get more information that negates their very sentiment? This is not as simply as being explained that they have been cheated. I want to give another explanation of the fact that C-h-i-n-e-s-e people have miraculous, bred-in-the-bone sentiment of "loving party", "nationalism" or "patriotism", as seen by many people of the world.

Maybe you have known the famous conditioned response experiment of Pavlov. He performed this experiment with a dog locked in a cage. He fed this dog, meanwhile rang the bell. He repeatedly did this several times. Then the dog's secretion of saliva (this is an innate response when it perceives the food) steadily related to the rings of a bell (which was a irrelevant stimulation for the secretion of saliva before the experiment.) Thus even there was no food perceived by the dog, when the dog heard the rings of the bell, it would also secrete saliva. This is the conditioned response.

Pavlov also performed another reversing experiment. He shocked the dog with electricity (which can restrain it from secreting saliva), meanwhile rang the bell. This was repeated over and over. After that, when the dog heard the rings of the bell, even there was no electric shock, the dog's secretion of saliva cut down.

One basic function of nervous system is response. Response can be categorized into conditioned response and non conditioned response. The latter is innate to animals; it is their instincts, such as dog secrets saliva when it smells food.

Conditioned response is acquired. It can be categorized into classical conditioning and instrumental learning. Pavlov's experiment is an example of classical conditioning, in which the object of experiment passively forms this response.

While in the case of instrumental learning, the object of experiment actively chooses what response to form. It is a process of active learning.

The formation of a conditioned response is to let the receiver perceive a certain stimulus which itself can not arose its certain instinct accompanied with another stimulus which can arouse that instinct. Thereby the receiver's excitement of its cerebral cortex becomes connected with the otherwise irrelevant stimulus.

Many psychological activities are founded upon conditioned response. CeePeeCee's brainwashing of C-h-i-n-e-s-e people are the process of the formation of conditioned responses.

Sound is a main stimulus to humans. Among it music is the most significant sound, which can excite people most. But sound cannot give us any information of color, shape and other sense peculiar to eyes. Maybe you used to have this experience: when you first listened to a song in a certain circumstances, for example, when you first listened to "Life for Rent" in one of Dido's live concert, and if you listened to this song again in a bookshop some day after the concert day, you would unconsciously recollect the circumstances of that concert, as if you had seen the everything of the concert again: Dido's face, thousands of enthusiastic fans, and so on. And this song becomes the symbol of the circumstances of that concert that you once saw. It gives you the senses and responses that should be otherwise initiated by eyes.

This is one example of conditioned response initiated by an otherwise irrelevant acoustical stimulus.

Light is another main stimulus to humans. If some objects always put together in a certain pattern. This situation retains for a long time, and you see this combination of the objects continually. One day one object is removed from that combination. If you look at them again, you will feel as if that object which has been removed were still there. For example, there was a website I like so much. I put its address into my Favorite folder. There are always addresses of some other sites that surround it. One day this site becomes defunct. I delete its address from my Favorite folder. After that, in several days, every time I explore my Favorite, and I unconsciously look at the place at which its address used to be, I would feel as if it were still there, because those address which used to surround it still there. This is also an example of conditioned response.

Then we can explain why C-h-i-n-e-s-e people always take the symbols of "C-h-i-n-a", "CeePeeCee", "party" as "greatness", "glory", "correctness" or suchlike. This is the result of building conditioned responses upon otherwise irrelevant optical and acoustical stimuli.

C-h-i-n-a is an information insulator. Because CeePeeCee monopolizes all the media, from television to radio to internet to newspaper. And it prohibits C-h-i-n-e-s-e people from getting information from outside. It jams foreign radios, blocks websites, and produces low-grade radio devices lest you listened to V.O.A. This is akin to the cage of Pavlov's dog, and every C-h-i-n-e-s-e is that poor dog. All the symbols of CeePeeCee are the otherwise irrelevant stimuli. And the "millennia" fabricated by C-h-i-n-e-s-e mass media is the food that make Pavlov's dog slobbers, which is used to initiate some of human instincts.

When people isolated in a place, continuously received the two stimuli that has always been deliberately bundled together over and over for a very long time, and no other information can be received, the information they received will be consolidated in their mind. If one stimulus can naturally cause some positive physiological responses while the other cannot, after this process, the other stimulus can independently cause the same positive physiological response. In C-h-i-n-a, the visions of fabricated "millennia" can give people a wrong impression that C-h-i-n-a has the most desirable society. When they watch TV, they will feel positive senses. Meanwhile, these pictures always accompanied with the symbols of "CeePeeCee", "government", "the C-h-i-n-e-s-e Nation", such as the words of "C-h-i-n-a", "CeePeeCee" themselves or relative characters or sounds that represent them, or the Psalms that are used to celebrate the CeePeeCee, or the figures of the martyrs who were alleged died for people's happiness. C-h-i-n-e-s-e receive these stuffs day by day, month by month, and year by year. So even there is no pictures of "our bright future" or "harmonious society", when C-h-i-n-e-s-e hear or see any symbol of CeePeeCee , C-h-i-n-a and the like, (such as the word "party", or the song "His our great savior") they will instantly feel the senses of glory and loftiness.

So the C-h-i-n-e-s-e "patriotism", "nationalism" and "party-loving" are in fact the manifestation and result of this kind of conditioned responses rather than rational conclusions. It is very hard to wake them up from the ecstasy of the zealotic "love". Reason becomes useless here. If you had destroyed every underpin of their faiths through rational polemics and they became not able to retort you, they still believe what they have believed. Maybe many people have encountered this kind of situation. The reason why this "love" cannot be eliminated by rational arguments lies in the fact that it is not a rational thought but a kind of conditioned responses. Although people's reason tells them to abandon their false beliefs, the senses of glory and loftiness cultivated by these conditioned responses can overwhelm reason and force people not to accept any truth.

To put it frankly, the psychology that manifested through C-h-i-n-e-s-e people's unthinking "party-loving", "patriotism" is just equal to the fact that bell rings made Pavlov's dog slobbered. (Except for some clear-headed "experimenters" who is conducting the whole thing.)

Among C-h-i-n-e-s-e people, the most obstinate ones are the aged people and young students. The aged people have experienced the craziest era of M-ao Dynasty. They have been brainwashed seriously. They still have remnant senses of glory and loftiness which is the impression of the propaganda of that time. And this kind of senses are tightly linked to the concept and symbols of CeePeeCee. This situation is difficult to correct. Even the reality have clearly told them the truth, this party-loving sentiment is still hard to correct. On the other hand, C-h-i-n-e-s-e students are training exclusively with the ideological educations. And they haven't contacted the intricate society yet. They haven't known how black the society is. And they cannot receive other information either. So their "patriotism" is also difficult to correct.

To this sentiment, it is of no use to correct it with rational argumentations. The only way to cope with it is to construct a reversing conditioned response. The only effective way is to "take a bite of the dog that have bitten you". That is: to build a highly-frequent and reversing propaganda program in which when the images or symbols of CeePeeCee appear they are always tied to the most accursed phenomena such as corruption of bureaucrats, holocaust, starvation, death, bloodiness and various phenomena of social corruption and decays. And to have people received these stimuli again and again so as to generate another kind of conditioned response which directly collide with the former conditioned responses. Thus, the former pattern of conditioned response would be possibly defeated by the latter pattern, and the people would become vacillated. Then, they are probably corrected by rational argumentation. If they contact more reasonable ideologies such as libertarianism or objectivism, they probably accept their new beliefs and abandon the wrong ideologies.

In fact, it is also a kind of conditioned response that we accept and cherish libertarianism. If I come across some books that criticize libertarianism, I usually don't want to skim over them. Because I usually feel uncomfortable when I read these. But this kind of conditioned response is our active choice rather than passive imposition; this is a kind of instrumental learning.

In conclusion, we should employ the "revolutionary" conditioned responses to resist the "counterrevolutionary" conditioned responses. Or to put it more clearly, we should employ the "revolutionary" instrumental learning to resist the "counterrevolutionary" classical conditioning.

This analysis also applies to Islam enthusiast, "Leftists", fundamentalists, sexists, and other diehards.

(*CeePeeCee = com-mu-ni-st party of c-h-i-n-a)
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