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Stop The Patriot Act.

Stop the Patriot Act

The "USA PATRIOT Act," meant as a temporary, emergency roll-back of American civil liberties after the 9/11 attacks, may become permanent this week. Senators from both parties are resisting the removal of these freedoms, but they need our support right now.

The only redeeming feature of the PATRIOT Act was that the repeal of these liberties would be temporary. However, now that the expiration date for those restrictions has arrived, Congressional leaders are trying to push through a new version which would extend the lifetime of some of them and make the others last forever.

Six senators -- three Democrats and three Republicans -- are taking a stand on behalf of our civil liberties. They have announced that they will filibuster the bill when it is brought to the floor this week. This bi-partisan group is urging their colleagues to vote instead for a bill that would give the Congress time to fix the legislation by extending the expiring sections of the PATRIOT Act for three months.

The notion that Congress must rush to act without full consideration of the implications makes less sense now than ever. The responsible step to safeguard our heritage as Americans is to stop the PATRIOT Act re-authorization and provide more time to think this through

From this page: http://action.truemajority.org/campaign/patriot_act_renewal

The site has an online form to send a message to your Senators. I'm not sure how effective online petitioning is, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to use it.
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